About Valuation

A Registered Valuer is a professional who conducts an assessment of the value of land and buildings. A valuation allows people to make informed decisions about the value of property for a variety of purposes.

There are many reasons people need valuers such as:


  • borrow money to purchase a property and the bank or broker requires a valuation
  • how much to offer
  • from a friend or relative
  • in a private sale without a real estate agent


  • sell a property and need to know its current market value
  • to a friend or relative
  • in a private sale without a real estate agent
  • advice on the method of selling
  • tips for increasing the market value


  • refinance an existing mortgage based on the current value

Building and renovating:

  • valuation of a new house from building plans
  • valuation of proposed house renovations


  • market rent for a house


  • value of sections
  • optimum section size, type and mix


  • sum insured valuations for buildings

Relationship Property:

  • valuations for relationship property agreements
  • division of relationship property

Family Trusts and Estates:

  • valuations for setting up a family trust.
  • valuations for settling an estate.


  • dwelling and curtilage apportionments for GST


  • expert witness
A bungalow from the front
  View from the street of a new white house
  House frames from a house under construction
  A large farm shed
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